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Yellow Subs  Party Pack - Extreme Energy Pill - Gravity Feed Box - 48 Packets - 4 Pills Each

Yellow Subs Party Pack - Extreme Energy Pill - Gravity Feed Box - 48 Packets - 4 Pills Each

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There’s One Thing That Makes All The Difference Between A Good or Great Party…

Yellow Subs is a safe & natural herbal party pill designed to produce a strong energy boost for your mind and body. Click to learn more about the Yellow Subs Formula.

With Yellow Subs at Your Party It Will:

Enhance the overall mood and positive energy.

Increase endurance and stamina on the dance floor.

Keep everyone feeling energized and wanting more party.

Enhance positive feelings for more fun and games.

Yellow Subs flashy fun looking packets add pizazz and flavor to your decor and have been known to become a party ritual.

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Throw The Best Party and Win 3 Nights In Vegas

Get creative with the Yellow Subs party packets, use them in your decor and show us what you did with them in a video.

Show us how energized your party got with some highlighted footage from your party.

Upload the video to Youtube, use Yellow Subs in your title and then be sure to send us the link.

The party rated the most creative and energized wins:

Product Reviews for Yellow Subs Party Pack - Extreme Energy Pill - Gravity Feed Box - 48 Packets - 4 Pills Each

What They're Saying...

I am a party planner and bought the pills as a party favor because the packaging was fun and playful. When the party wouldn't end and I noticed the Yellow Subs packets open on the tables I put 2 and 2 together. Yellow Subs is now part of my hidden arsenal for clients that want a high energy party.
- Andrea P. -

I bumped into your party pack while planning my best friend's (my brother) bachelor party. I thought these would make a great conversation piece and ordered the party pack. After receiving it I had to try it, so when I went out Thursday night I brought along a few packets of Yellow Subs passed them around to my friends and we literally talked and danced all night...I am hyper excited for the bachelor party and have even planned some added fun late into the night. - Joe G. -

I rarely write testimonials or thank you letters but I had my bachelor party 2 days ago and a friend of mine bought your party pack. When I walked in they had set up the packets as part of the decor and they immediately caught my eye. I laughed about it with my friends saying it definitely added color to the party but little did I know how much color it would really add 2 hours later. At midnight My friend announced that it was 'time to ride the yellow submarine into the night' and suddenly packets were being torn open and pills were swallowed. The party was so energized and off the hook I regret one thing, and one thing only [maybe a few other things too, smirk] why didn't anyone tell me about these while I was still single!
- Mark L. -

Hey y'all, I planned a bachelorette party last week and was wrestling with the idea of putting out Red Bulls to kick some extra energy into the party but was worried about everyone crashing early from all the sugar. I'm so glad I found your party pack, it added excitement and tons of energy without the crash, thanks and sorry I can't send the video it got a bit too wild ;-)
- Jenny L. -

Our Customers Say ...

Sometimes the brand name products discontinue the stuff i use a lot. The guys over at ... read more

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