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"Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags Caffeine Tablet - 200mg Caffeine - 250 Count

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"Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags are premiere caffeine tablets, with MAGNUM'S patented energy formula they can deliver the power you need when you need it! Our exclusive direct manufacturer relationship can guarantee we're offering the lowerst price anywhere!

Many users swear by the super energy boost provided by these tablets; and have made "Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags part of their normal routine.

"Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags are incredibly powerful and should not be misused. The energy provided by these supplements will be astounding but taking more then the recommended dose will not compound the result. THIS EXTREME ENERGY FORMULA is not to be used by anyone under the age of 18!

What makes "Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags the best caffeine tablet on the market today? It’s superior formula! "Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags were designed to get you all the energy you can in a single easy to manage pill, no more coffee or syrupy energy drinks bloating you, and turning your teeth colors! "Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags deliver MORE energy then anything you've tried!

Product Reviews for "Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags Caffeine Tablet - 200mg Caffeine - 250 Count

What They're Saying...

I've been trying different caffeine products for years to see if there really is a difference between a tablet, capsule or grade or purity of caffeine and clearly there must be because your Magnum's have been the best 200mg caffeine tablet I've ever taken. Your Pic Me Up's are the best capsules I've had and the Green and Clears really did provide an longer lasting rush but I prefer a harder hit since I'm on the road constantly.
- Harry J. -

Magnum's have always been my choice and never had to look elsehwere because they deliver!
- Dan M. -

I am sensitive to liquids, If I drink anything I'm in the bathroom minutes later, so I had to cut my coffee consumption. I tried but then I was lethargic without the caffeine so I started searching online and ended up ordering your Magnums, I'm glad I found you, I love these bullet shaped tablets.
- Joe H. -

Our Customers Say ...

Sometimes the brand name products discontinue the stuff i use a lot. The guys over at ... read more

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