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"Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags

"Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags Caffeine Tablets

Magnum 357 Are High Powered Caffeine Tablets. With 200mg of Pure Caffeine They're Sure to Be The Energy Source You Need. Shoot Your Energy Up!

"Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags Caffeine Tablets – High Grade Caffeine Energy Pills

"Bolt Me Up" 357 Mags are high powered energy tablets packed with a 200mg dose of high grade caffeine. They offer a quick and immediate energy rush fighting off fatigue and promoting wakefulness. Learn more about Magnum 357 caffeine tablets and how you can improve mental alertness, combat tiredness and stay awake later and longer.

Powerful Energy to Help You Stay Awake

We added Magnum 357's to the Body Energy Shop roster of the best energy products because it is known to be one of the longest standing high quality caffeine stimulant products.

High Powered Energy

High Grade Caffeine

Improves Mental Alertness

Fights Fatigue

Promotes Wakefulness

Magnum 357 Energy Tablets Are For Anyone Who Needs To More Energy to Stay Awake

Magnum 357 is great for anybody who frequently finds themselves too tired to complete regular everyday tasks. The following are types of people who can benefit from Magnum 357:

  • Truck drivers who drive all day or through the night
  • Taxi or limousine drivers who need to stay focused on the road
  • People on long road trips
  • Sales professionals who are on the road consistently
  • Anyone else who needs help to stay awake while driving
  • Caffeine addicts
  • People trying to cut back on coffee but still need a caffeine boost
  • Individuals who need energy but don’t like energy drinks

In short, Magnum 357 will shoot your energy through the roof so call and order Magnum 357 today!

What They're Saying...

I've been trying different caffeine products for years to see if there really is a difference between a tablet, capsule or grade or purity of caffeine and clearly there must be because your Magnum's have been the best 200mg caffeine tablet I've ever taken. Your Pic Me Up's are the best capsules I've had and the Green and Clears really did provide an longer lasting rush but I prefer a harder hit since I'm on the road constantly.
- Harry J. -

Magnum's have always been my choice and never had to look elsehwere because they deliver!
- Dan M. -

I am sensitive to liquids, If I drink anything I'm in the bathroom minutes later, so I had to cut my coffee consumption. I tried but then I was lethargic without the caffeine so I started searching online and ended up ordering your Magnums, I'm glad I found you, I love these bullet shaped tablets.
- Joe H. -

Our Customers Say ...

Sometimes the brand name products discontinue the stuff i use a lot. The guys over at ... read more

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